Are you frustrated when people ask you to repeat?

Is your communication inhibiting your career advancement?

Do you want to improve the impression you make when interviewing?

What is
Speech Advantage®?

Founded in 1999, Speech Advantage is a US based corporate communications company specializing in foreign accent modification. We work with non-native English speakers from all over the world to improve their American English pronunciation so they can communicate with clarity and confidence when speaking with colleagues, customers, and clients.

What is
Accent Freedom®?

Accent Freedom® is an in-depth accent modification software program developed by Speech Advantage® designed to improve American English pronunciation through self-study or instructor-led lessons. Whether you’re speaking for a business presentation or having dinner with friends, being easily understood is the key to great communication.

Because how you say it, says a lot.

Features of Accent Freedom®

Over 330 lessons highlighting workplace vocabulary

Over 5,000 embedded audios to learn correct pronunciation of professional English vocabulary and sentences

Ability to record directly on the Accent Freedom® website to compare students’ pronunciation to instructor’s pronunciation

Numerous exercises to easily understand the pitch and stress rules of American English intonation

Guided Self Study and Instructor Led programs also include the ability to upload student audios to the instructor for feedback on practice exercises

Customized lesson plans for the Instructor Led programs and language specific lesson plans for the Self Study programs help streamline practice sessions – saving you valuable time

Five lessons per consonant and vowel sound working in an easy to follow progression to gain confidence as you learn

Individual descriptions to easily produce each American English consonant and vowel sound – incudes tips and simple tricks to correct common errors

Supplemental materials including pronunciation of US cities/states, numbers, contractions, common American names, a detailed vowel grid for studying and comparing vowel sounds, tips for communicating in different situations, and much much more!

There are numerous benefits that go hand in hand with effective communication.

Below are some of the successes our past clients have experienced after working with Speech Advantage®. We celebrate these achievements with our clients as they are attained.

  • Increased Confidence

  • Improved Rapport with Colleagues, Clients, and Customers

  • Improved Professional Image and Credibility

  • Increased Work Efficiency

  • Increased Leadership Ability Thus Better Chance of Promotions

  • Improved Ability to Take on New Roles Within Company

  • Improved Delivery of Professional Presentations

  • Improved Efficiency of Phone Conversations / Conference Calls

  • Increased Productivity

  • Increased Team Interactions

  • Increased Team Cohesiveness

  • Increased Participation in Meetings and Discussions

  • Increased Customer Satisfaction

  • Increased Client Retention

  • Improved Interview Skills

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