Day 1 – Why Speed is a Barrier to Being Understood

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Day 1 Why Speed is a Barrier to Being Understood.


And today, we start with a look at:  Why Speed is a Barrier to Being Understood

speak up in meetingsOne of the most effective ways to help your listener understand your English is to slow your speech rate.  Frequently, non-native speakers mistakenly feel that they must increase their speech rate to keep up with native speakers.  Americans are typically “on the go” and in a hurry.  Non-native speakers attempt to keep up with the native speaker’s fast pace.   Actually, this fast rate can further hinder the transfer of information to the listener!  The fast exchange of information can take longer than a slower exchange because time is required to clarify, repeat, ask questions, and to correct tasks that were done incorrectly the first time.  Miscommunications not only take more time, but in the business world, they can cost thousands of dollars to correct!  In the medical field, miscommunications can even be life-threatening.


There are two main reasons that slowing your speech rate helps you be understood.  First, listeners need more time to process accented speech to understand it.  When you slow down, you are giving them more processing time.  Secondly, when you slow down, you are giving yourself more time to self monitor your own speech to make it more understandable the first time.    


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Tomorrow, we’ll be delving into specific techniques to slow your speech rate.